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Cabling & Fiber

With more than 30 years’ experience Alabama Interconnect can help you design, implement and maintain all types of network and voice cabling infrastructures:

  • Cat 5
  • Cat5e
  • Cat 6 – common standard now for wired networks and will be for a good while – could optimize the performance of your network

Fiber Optic

  • Multimode
  • Single mode
  • Aerial and Burial
Offers fastest bandwidth and best future proofing for network


Customized Data Racks

Enclosed / lockable


We are here to help you plan your next project with questions like:

  • Where and how many devices at those locations?
  • What types of data will you be exchanging and applications being used to determine what speeds/bandwidths need to be accommodated?
  • Distances of cable runs and size of facilities?
  • How much growth do you anticipate in the numbers of users and devices?

Demand for bandwith has done nothing but increase over the years and will continue to.

  • Will you be using existing cabling?
  • What type conveyance was it?
  • Cat 5, Cat 6, Fiber, coax?

Where can server room and wiring closet be appropriately located? Environment matters:

  • Copper wiring: sensitive to RF interference & MEI
  • Fiber: sensitive to dust.